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"Every Day Millions of People Are Exposed to Files, Images, And Videos Either Willingly or Unwillingly That If Found... Could Result In A Job Loss, A Divorce, Life Long Embarrassment, Fines or Even Jail"

"You Have No Privacy... Unless You're Like People In The Know Who Use This Secret Program That REALLY Deletes Files And Photos From Their Computer FOREVER"

From: The PC Delete Team
Thursday 3:24 PM

Dear Computer User,

undefinedou are at risk!  When you're at home surfing the net, and you stumble upon a website that contains images and content that you may or may not find objectionable, but could in fact be illegal, YOU are liable. 

When you're at work and you open an e-mail that has an image, a file, or a video clip that you shouldn't have opened at work, you could get fired for having that image on your computer.  Even if you delete the email, clear your cookies, empty your recycle bin, or even reformat your hard drive, that image is still on your computer!

When you log into your email account and spammers trick you into opening their email that contains questionable content, that content is now stored on your computer even after you delete the email!

When you delete important documents or visit websites that you want to keep private, your spouse, children, or your employer can see what you've deleted and where you've been (months, even years ago!) no matter how hard you try to delete everything from your computer. 

"You Are At Risk!  Did You Know That Without A "Digital Deletion System", Everything That You Think Has Been Erased From Your PC Is Still There?"  

Whether or not you surf adult websites, the odds are that right now, you have images on your computer that you or someone else viewed that could create a massive headache for you and literally change your life- and we're not talking in a good way.

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undefined Imagine if you were arrested for having child pornography on your computer... even though you know you would never even consider it! Think it can't happen to you? Think again.

undefined Employee computer and internet activity monitoring is growing. Over 150,000 office workers have been fired because they did not use a digital deletion system.

undefined You are responsible for any data which you allow to remain on your computers hard drive, even if it was obtained unknowingly or by accident. This includes websites, email (including child porno spam), file downloads, videos, images etc. All of which can be recorded as permanent evidence on your hard drive.

undefined Did you ever delete a file that had important personal information that could be dangerous in someone else's hands and think it can't be recovered? Think again! It's still there.

undefined Can't stand cookies and all the other history your computer and other websites keep about you? Now there is finally a way to take control!

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"PC Delete Protects And Cleans Your
Computer Automatically!"

undefinedHere is a scary thought that most computer users never realize:  Did you know that every single move you make on your computer is being logged

From the web sites you visit, to the programs, files, videos, and documents that you open... you are being tracked. 

Even if you attempt to delete these tracks, Windows retains secret log files, including "index.dat" files and more.  Deleting Internet cache and searching for history files could take hours of work manually for someone who knows exactly which file they want to delete. 

The problem with that is most file and image names are not recognizable.  For example, would you know that a file titled, "home_log3239.dat" may contain a child pornographic image that you or someone else viewed on your computer even if it was sent to you unknowingly through spam email?

On top of the files that you didn't create that are now on your computer, what about your personal information?  Business information?  Financial and investment information?  Stored passwords?  You deleted the files and documents and you thought they were erased from your system forever, right?  Wrong!

Files that are deleted using your recycle bin are not really deleted from your hard drive.

This is why it's so important to delete files using a digital shredding utility like PC Delete. You'll learn exactly why and how to use a digital shredder for total file deletion in a minute, but first let me ask you a question.

Do you know how files on your hard drive can easily be recovered even after you delete them?

Your Files Are Easy To Recover Even When You Think
They've Been Deleted For Good... Here's Exactly How

When a law enforcement agency, investigator, hacker or just a plain nosey person wants to snoop around and recover your deleted files all they have to do is run one of the hundreds of file recovery software applications that are available.

In fact, many are readily available for download right online. These utilities are designed to recover deleted files. Forensics labs and processional investigators use these same file recovery tools to scan hard drives in criminal investigations.

Here's Just A Small Example of the types of recovery software that can find and display deleted files: (these links load in a new window)

Undelete-Now File Saver
Win Undelete Drive Mechanic

Scary isn't it? With just a couple quick scans it's easy to find and recover deleted files. This is why you should never rely on the recycle bin to delete files.

"It's Saved My Rear A Few Times Already If You Know What I Mean..."

"I have been using PC Delete on my work PC and my home PC and it's great! I love the fact that it runs automatically because I always forget to clear my documents and empty my recycle bin. It's saved my rear a few times already if you know what I mean..."

-- Sandra T... (Customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"If You Own A Computer And Use The Internet,
Your Privacy Is Continually At Risk!"

PC Delete will help protect your privacy and secure your personal data so it remains private.  You can clear history, documents, cookies, and deleted files so they can never be recovered... even by forensic software. 

Once your software is installed, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your computer is bulletproof to information thieves. 

Also, because our software was designed with the brand new computer user in mind, you simply install and forget... everything is done for you automatically!

You can finally feel safe knowing that your computer will always be clean and no one will be able to find and view what you looked at yesterday, last month, or even years ago.  Everything that you do not want seen by an employer, a spouse, or your children will be gone forever when you digitally shred those files.

"Keeps My Nosey Boss Out of My Hair"

"Excellent! This is exactly what I need to keep my nosey boss out of my hair! Thanks."

-- Mark James

Before You Purchase ANY Digital Deletion or System
Cleaning Software, Make Sure That It Can Do The Following:


Gives you everything you need to quickly get started without spending countless hours trying to figure out menu after menu.  You want a software that is user-friendly and reliable.

undefined Automates and saves you time by using a custom scheduler that runs silently in the background guarding over your system while you sleep or away from your computer.

Cleans your current system and removes old deleted data that still remains on your hard drive.  This gives you the ultimate protection of both unwanted files and data you've deleted.

undefined Turns your recycle bin into an advanced digital shredder to prevent future unauthorized recovery.  Most empty their recycle bin and believe they have removed the data forever.

"Set It And Forget It And Let PC Delete
Automatically Clean Up our Tracks"

undefined Cleans your browser history, windows run menu, and documents menu automatically.  Your browser history is like leaving your fingerprints at a crime scene.

Has secure password protection to protect against unauthorized use and removal.  Even if someone dug into your computer and finds the software, they have no access.

undefined Guards against unwanted Internet cookies, but allows you to keep cookies from sites you choose.  Most websites leave bits of information on your computer when you leave their site.

Provides a full features tour that can be accessed at any time with details on every application feature.

"One of Those Must Have Utilities, Especially For The Internet"

"I wish I had this software last year.  I had a few problems with my Boss snooping around my system every chance he got. If I had PC Delete I would have had no worries. I plan on letting everyone I know about this software it's definitely one of those must have utilities, especially for the Internet.

I have one of your other products on my home PC to remotely monitor my system and it's fantastic. I knew PC Delete would be of the same standards..."

-- Harold Thompson

   "For The Last Nine Years, PC Delete Has Been Keeping Users
Safe At Home, At Work And on The Road With Revolutionary
"Install and Forget" Privacy Protection Software"

PC Delete is a name you can trust.  For the past nine years, we have been creating digital deletion and security software for both business and personal use.  

Internet and computer use in general is growing by unimaginable numbers every single day and is expected to continue for many years to come.  Along with this fantastic growth and opportunity comes increased need for personal privacy, protection and peace of mind. 

Whether you need a privacy solution for your personal data at home, or you're a fortune 500 partner that needs to protect data on thousands of systems, PC Delete is your trusted solution! 

The easy to use and install PC Delete software will automatically:

  • Delete unauthorized Internet cookies
  • Clean up your documents
  • Clear your run menu
  • Turn your recycle bin into an advanced digital shredder
  • Clear your web browsing history in Internet Explorer
  • Get rid of embarrassing temporary Internet Explorer files
  • Run automatically on a set scheduler that you can configure
  • Protects you because PC Delete cannot be uninstalled without your password
  • Hunt down and permanently digitally shred your past file deletions.  Unlike other software... 
        PC Delete will truly remove them from your system forever by overwriting them!

Don't Think It Could Happen To YOU? 
Statistics You Should Know About:

  • 63% of companies monitor workers' Internet connections and 47% store and review employee e-mail.

  • 27% of companies say that they've fired employees for misuse of office e-mail or Internet connections, and 65% report some disciplinary measure for those offenses.

  • Mobile phone operator Orange sacked 40 employees for spreading pornographic images internally.

  • 42% of bosses spy on you to find out if you are surfing the net on company time.

  • The Dow Chemical Company recently fired 50 employees and disciplined 200 others after an internal investigation found that some workers within its Michigan operation had e-mailed pornographic and violent images using company computers.

  • 77.7% of major U.S. corporations electronically monitored their employees by checking their e-mail, Internet, phone calls, computer files, or by videotaping them at work.

  • The Navy reported that it disciplined more than 500 employees at a Pennsylvania supply depot for sending sexually explicit e-mail.

  • 150 people working at Hewlett Packard UK were suspended - and two dismissed - for alleged email abuse.

  • 50% of employees report receiving racist, sexist, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate email at work.

  • Energizer fired 5 women. They justified the women's dismissal on several grounds, including that they had repeatedly violated the company's e-mail policy and had sent other staff pornographic material and jokes.

  • An employee of a Southern California Aerospace Engineering Firm, who was working as a contractor for NASA, was terminated earlier this year for spending too much time in an Internet forum on home repairs.

  • 6000 Internet users at National Semiconductor's worldwide offices are monitored randomly to ensure they aren't visiting adult-oriented Web sites.


People Just Like You Use PC Delete Software Every Day.  Here's
Just A Small Taste Of What You Can Do:


Does your boss constantly spy on you or use your computer?  You may not even know if he or someone else does!  Take the worry out of your day and let PC Delete clean up after you automatically.


The websites you access and view are your private business; now you can cover up your Internet Explorer history and temporary files so your surfing remains "YOUR" private business!  There is no way that anyone will be able to see what you've been up to.


Websites place cookies on your system all of the time without your knowledge. Let PC Delete get rid of these unauthorized invasions of your privacy automatically while you surf.  Now you're in total control.


If you have been deleting files, documents, images etc. through the Windows recycle bin, that is not enough! There are MANY software programs readily available that can search your hard drive and dig up the files you have deleted in the past.  Even hard disk reformatting does not truly get rid of these files.

The only way to "truly" be sure your files are deleted is to use a digital shredder like PC Delete. Our software will turn your recycle bin into a digital shredder!  When PC Delete erases your recycle bin files you can rest assured that they can never be recovered... even forensic software cannot recover files deleted with PC Delete.


PC Delete will automatically clean up after you in the background. No more embarrassing moments because you forgot to delete a file or clear your history.

"What Is A Digital Shredder And
Why Is It MUST HAVE Software?"

A digital shredder
 will destroy all of your deleted files by overwriting the data so it cannot be recovered.  Even with forensic software the data will be unrecoverable!  The data that you want off of your computer will be forever erased- never to be seen again. 

With PC Delete, your recycle bin itself is turned into a digital shredder.  On top of destroying current files, PC Delete also has the capability to overwrite the old files that you deleted in the past that still remain your computer.  It does this by overwriting the cleared (available) space on their computer multiple times to destroy any data that remained on it.

The bottom line is that PC Delete will completely destroy both recent and older files that you have deleted.  If you have ever deleted anything from your computer that you do not want anyone to see- a digital shredder is how to truly delete the files.

If you use the Internet to surf websites that contain questionable content, or if you've ever created documents on your computer to keep track of finances, to type a personal letter, track investments, etc. PC Delete's digital shredder will soon become your new best friend.

Without a digital shredder, everything can be found on your work and home computers!  Don't you think that it's time to get some protection?

"Sits On My Computer Cleaning My Tracks Without Me Worrying Anymore"

"Now my husband can chew his fingernails off trying to figure out where I've been online! Thanks!  PC Delete sits on my computer cleaning my tracks without me worrying anymore. Please do not use my last name on this."

Allison R..

"PC Delete Is Often Imitated- But Never Equaled.
Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Download PC Delete Digital Shredder

Imagine never having to worry about someone logging onto your computer at home or at work and seeing something that you would never have wanted them or anyone to see. 

You can finally relax because PC Delete will help save you from unwanted embarrassing moments, fights with your family, or even save you from losing your job.

Delete Remember... cookies are added to your system online.
With PC Delete, you can curb unauthorized cookies automatically while you work!
Erase Remember... all of your web browsing activity can easily be found. Bosses, employees, staff, spouse, etc. can easily see what sites you have visited online in your browser history... Not with PC Delete!
Computer Remember... pornography & off-limit sites are your business.
Stop people from seeing the files you access and the web pages you visit. Stop those snooping eyes with PC Delete!
Digital Remember... deleted data can come back and haunt you.
Deleting files through the recycle bin can easily be recovered even after hard disk reformatting. Not with PC Delete's Digital Shredding System!

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"Order PC Delete Today And You Will Get The Privacy Protection You Deserve!"

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Computer Privacy Protection

"You Can't Lose With The PC Delete
100% Money Back Guarantee!"

Guarantee Because we are so confident that PC Delete will perform as mentioned above, we are willing to extend an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. Order PC Delete Software right now. Try it out and put it to the test! If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us anytime within 30 days and we'll refund all of your money!

Thank you,
The PC Delete Team
Virtual Imagination Inc.

PS... By ordering your new 6.0 version of PC Delete, you will have access to Free Lifetime Upgrades.  Anytime we make enhancements or launch a new version of PC Delete, you will not have to pay any of the upgrade fees. You'll receive the new download for free.

P.P.S....  We've been at this for nine years... allow us to be a little upfront with you here.  Without a digital deletion system, you are at serious risk.  If you are serious about your security and privacy, or you're serious about not getting caught and keeping YOUR business to yourself, we are confident that PC Delete is exactly what you need to stay safe and secure.

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